Combining Expertise

Security Information and Event Management, or SIEM as it is more commonly known, is a powerful technology used by Governments, Enterprises and Critical Infrastructure organisations around the world to monitor and protect their networks. Designed and implemented correctly SIEM can deliver a great deal of value and visibility to these organisations in the areas of Compliance, Operations, Advanced Persistent Threat detection, Insider Threat and Fraud.

In order for a SIEM deployment to be truly successful, there is a need to involve many parts of the organisation during planning stages, and then a great deal of technical expertise for its delivery. It requires a rare collection of consulting skills that can execute 'top down' from the board room to the data centre and every step in between, mapping the needs into the capability. To be able to do this requires intimate knowledge before the process starts of what is possible and what is not. This is not something that can be delivered by large consultancies and SI's. It is a specialist skill carried by only a few organisations who have already taken that journey many times before.

The SIEM Alliance represents the worlds largest grouping of customer facing, expert SIEM consultants consisting of independent and geographically diverse companies each of which is judged by their fellow Alliance members to possess a similar level of competence and focus on SIEM delivery & customer satisfaction. By working closely together both in a knowledge sharing capacity and on a project collaboration basis, members have access to an online pool of subject matter experts and resources which can be brought to bear at short notice under a single contract vehicle of any one member company. This provides individual members with a unique ability to deliver on the largest, most complex and geographically dispersed projects for our customers without compromise on quality or delivery timescales.

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